Welcome to our show page.  Astrid and Gypsy were born within days of each other and are the best of friends.  Astrid is a Blue colourpoint Ragdoll and Gypsy is a Black Smoke Maine Coon.  We decided that we would enter them for a show to see how they liked it as they are both very friendly, playful girls.  They love all the attention they get at shows and have been consistently placed at every show they have entered, both gaining their first Challenge Certificates at the Lancashire Cat Club show in March 2020. We were so disappointed when all shows were cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic and hopefully will manage to get Astrid, Gypsy and Gem back on the show scene later in 2021 as we miss it so much.  Shows are not just beauty contests, they allow us as breeders to maintain the breed standards and to meet up and discuss our favovourite breeds with likeminded people.

Astrid                                                            Gypsy

A very proud day. Astrid and Gypsy gaining their first CC's together

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