D.O.B 13/06/2015

  We have admired the Ragdoll breed for a very long time, and at cat shows always wandered round to the Raggie section to appreciate the fine examples on show.  So, in 2015, we took the plunge and brought home our little girl Marnie (Hartlepaws Bubbles).  She is a blue tabby pointed mitted Ragdoll and is awesome, a typically laid back Ragdoll who likes to play with her extended cat family and of course the Weimys.  She is very outgoing and is the most vocal cat we have ever had.  We are Probationary breeders and members of The British Ragdoll Cat Club and are members of the GCCF Breeder Scheme.

Marnie as a youngster

At her first show

Easy life!

Going shopping

Lovely girl


D.O.B 23/03/2016


 This is our new girl Sophie (Hollygram of Switswoo) she is a seal pointed mitted.  We are so pleased with her.  Thanks to Ian and Lynn for letting us have her.

Sophie at 13 weeks

Sophie at 8 months

Too true!

Gorgeous blue eyes




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